Optimum Group™ supplies a wide range of products in labels and flexible packaging solutions. We are the market leader in printed bands and have expertise in specialist labels, including pasted and Self-Adhesive Labels. Sustainability is high on our list of priorities. We consciously opt for eco-friendly packaging, with less waste and greater focus on circularity. In addition, we continue to innovate and test the best and greenest solutions for our customers.

Self-Adhesive Labels

Self-Adhesive Labels immediately make a product stand out. Go for a creative design for your marketing strategy. Or opt for Self-Adhesive Labels to put information on your packaging or product. Optimum Group™ can supply Self-Adhesive Labels in any format, shape or quantity. Opt for organic materials, such as sugar cane paper and eco-friendly ink. And therefore include the environment in your considerations.


Linerless Labels

Our Linerless Labels have no backing paper. Ideal in the area of reduced waste and cutting to size. As 30 to 40 percent more of these labels fit on a roll, they help reduce material consumption while generating no residual waste after labelling. They enable you to address sustainability issues, while also retaining flexibility.


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