Quality and reliability are key in the pharma sector. After all, no one should ever doubt the accuracy of the information printed on the medicine package. The production of pharmaceuticals is therefore carried out under strict conditions. Optimum Group™’s flexible and eco-friendly packaging solutions and labels ensure that you comply with all the guidelines.

Solutions for the Pharma industry

Product characteristics, active ingredients and a barcode that is correct and clearly visible. These are key criteria for labels in the pharmaceutical industry. Optimum Group™ therefore applies high quality standards to self-adhesive labels, etc., to ensure these requirements are met. Think labels with sections that can be readily removed for inclusion in a patient file.

Correct coding is also essential. If required, we can finish labels with individual numbering therefore. We manufacture labels that can accommodate all the information: Booklet labels and multilayer labels.

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Besides their functionality and clarity, the sustainability of labels plays a major role nowadays. Reduced residual waste and increased recycling are also hot topics in pharma. Optimum Group™ is a leading player in flexible packaging solutions and labels. This includes our Special Tape, a self-adhesive tape that holds products together or adds a branding element, which renders it a good replacement for plastic bags. This Special Tape is also linerless, and therefore generates less waste.

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Flexibility is a key factor in serving the pharma segment. If a new type of label is needed for a certain medicine at short notice, our printing group can respond swiftly. They consider the structure and the material on which it is to be applied.

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