Supply security

Labels and flexible packaging are an indispensable link in the production chain. Without labels, logistics and creative marketing simply cannot take place. Large stocks or ad hoc requests: Optimum Group™ delivers. Thanks to our stock management system, you can rest assured of that.

It starts with availability

Optimum Group™ supplies labels and packaging material. A minor part of your product or service perhaps, but a fundamental link in the production chain and essential to your business growth. Without labels, there is no packaging. And without packaging, no presence on retail shelves and therefore no turnover. Moreover, this minor component enables you to make all the difference in terms of sustainability. Think eco-friendly labels or other sustainable packaging solutions.

As the Benelux market leader, we form a large procurement consortium. This vouches for both prices in line with the market and security of supply. It enables us to invariably cater to your needs. Even when it comes to green packaging, Optimum Group™ meets all your requirements. We supply swiftly, particularly from our stock management system.

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While stock of certain products can be readily estimated, other items may go unexpectedly swiftly. We monitor therefore the process and switch quickly. If, for example, products are sold out halfway through the campaign, Optimum Group™ provides a new load of labels. So customers need never find the shelves empty therefore. We predict, act swiftly and supply reliably.

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