Floral industry

Insert labels, stickers and packaging for the floral industry have to be able to withstand the elements. Optimum Group™ vouches for this by means of smart innovations and various printing techniques. Appeal to the customer’s imagination with creative messages on the label. Endorse your green credentials by opting for eco-friendly labels, such as our compostable labels. We can also provide the correct plant passports.

Floral indusrty

Solutions for the Floral industry

Thanks to our efficient production lines, we can achieve quick delivery times. This is also necessary for perishable products, such as flowers and plants. We have the largest production capacity in the Benelux and are always close by. The continuity of your production process is always monitored.

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The plant passport has been compulsory in the floral industry for a number of years. It makes plants both identifiable and readily to traceable. Optimum Group™ is familiar with this development, and can advise you as to the best label to suit your floral products.

Take additional care of the planet by using our sustainable packaging. We supply Linerless and ‘Thinner’ RAF NXT labels, for example, which save on waste. Other organic options include recycled, compostable and washable labels.

Let consumers know that you operate sustainably by applying the FSC-Label. This label guarantees the use of renewable raw materials and the preservation of forests: We replant back all we use. There are three FSC-Labels available for on-product use: The paper product (label) is a mix of responsible sources; it is made of recycled materials; or it is 100% derived from wood from certified forests. Applying this label lets everyone know that your organisation contributes towards a more sustainable world.

Besides producing labels and packaging for the floral market segment, we are your partner for designs. Spar with our team about green marketing and creative designs. Lead us through the process.

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