Customers increasingly insist on sustainable printing. They want to reuse their glass jars, for example, but the labels will not come off. Optimum Group™ both prints sustainably and applies green materials for all industries. For example, in the form of material reduction and Wash-off Labels.

Sustainable printing and green materials

Print more labels, on a less bulky roll or linerless. We use eco-friendly inks and thinner base materials to produce our sustainable labels. Make the switch yourself, and reap the benefits of more labels on a roll, fewer roll changes and 25% less waste. Optimum Group™ can assist in rendering any sector more sustainable.

Is it not market demand for sustainability prompting you, but rather a particular customer request? We would be pleased to think along with you. Think of Shrink sleeves with a perforated strip for convenient recycling. Or a label with soluble adhesive, enabling reuse of the product. We brainstorm and test until we devise the best packaging solution for your product.

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Are you faced with sustainability requirements in your sector? We have already been applying compliant technologies for months, or even years. For example, we have been printing linerless labels on demand for five years, such as Ravenwood brand green labels. The system is suitable for skin packs, among other things: This packaging gets wrapped around the product like a second skin, while also using less material.

Linerless Labels

Sustainable printing implies that less space is occupied. Less surplus packaging material not only saves on waste, but also on storage space and transport costs. 

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Sustainability is important to Optimum Group: "It is part of our responsibility and indispensable in our business operations. Sustainability is part of our CSR policy and is reflected in various business activities. Based on this idea of sustainability, the Optimum Group Liner Recycling Programme, called Greenliner, was born. We would like to help our customers recycle backing material from the labels we supply."

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