Transport & Logistics

Speed and efficiency are fundamental to transport and logistics. Optimum Group™ therefore designs labels and packaging solutions for your systems. With the largest production capacity in the Benelux, we can deliver swiftly and reliably, while vouching for high quality. As a leader in the field sustainable packaging, we have respect for the environment.

Solutions for Transport & Logistics

In an industry where one product is destined for the Netherlands and the next for France, flexibility is of vital importance. Thinner Labels, such as RAFNXT, are ideal for such purposes. These labels render your business process more productive and cost-effective, not to mention less pollutant. And they are also ideal for use in your printer or labelling machine.

In transport and logistics, a parcel travels a long way before it reaches its destination. It stands waiting on a pallet or moves on to a new packaging step. We supply the right, environmentally-friendly solutions, packaging and labels for each link in the logistics process. In order to increase efficiency, you should choose Thinner Labels, more labels per roll and fewer roll changes. That way, you are assured of an efficient packaging process, and you also save the environment with our sustainable solutions.


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Our efficiently designed supply chain provides sufficient stock of your packaging and labels. We schedule the amounts required in advance. And even when a quick response time is required, we meet that need.

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