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Leader in sustainability

Optimum Group™ also plays a pioneering role in recycling, material reduction, sustainable sourcing and circularity. Are you obliged to comply with particular legislation and regulations, or are these consumer requirements? We have already had the appropriate processes in place for months, or perhaps even years. From an idealistic perspective, but also based on our awareness that only companies that care for the environment have a future. We continually innovate with a view to making our printing business more sustainable.

Infinite possibilities

We apply various printing techniques in the production of labels and flexible packaging solutions. From blank labels to flexible packaging. We master all the trade skills and continue to hone them daily in addressing the challenging issues our customers face.

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High supply reliability

As a group, we have the luxury of a large procurement consortium, an excellent supply chain and several niche printers at our disposal. Optimum Group™ has the largest production capacity in the Benelux.

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Sector-specific customisation

Every industry has its challenges. In logistics, our labels ensure that order pickers put the right products on the right pallets, so that they are loaded on the right lorry and conveyed to the right address. In the food industry, we are familiar with the various adhesives suitable for your apples, but also the way of making your peanut butter jar or cheese packaging resealable. Optimum Group™ is at home in all markets, with sustainability as an enduring core value.

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Make a difference

We make a difference at the end of the production line. Not only do we package your product, but also its catchy message. A better world, pure taste sensation and maximum convenience. Whatever the product storyline. Express it with a green label or a flexible packaging solution from Optimum Group™. 

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