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Pack smartly with extra space and opt for multilayer banding.

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Our Banding Label

The Multilayer Banderol, the information carrier for your product! The Multilayer Banderol is not only practical, it is also a marketing and branding tool. A Multilayer Banderol offers more space for information than a traditional label or the normal Banderol and with a printed Multilayer Banderol your products will stand out even more on the shelf and thus increase the chance of being caught.

The main advantage of the Multilayer Banderol is the large print area on the Multilayer Banderol and even printing on the back of the Multilayer Banderol is possible! The Multilayer Band offers opportunities in all sectors of industry, but the best-known applications can be found in the food industry.

Why a Banding Label?

With a beautiful multilayer band, stand out on the shelves to the maximum with our innovative multilayer Banderol. Use the extra space of this special multilayer Banderol with text, a promotion or a delicious recipe. At the same time, maintain optimum product visibility thanks to the slim design. Your environmentally conscious customer will be pleased: less packaging material means less waste.

  • Plenty of space for information
  • Temper evident
  • Linerless so no waste of backing paper
  • Luxurious appearance
  • Your product remains visible through the slim band
Smarter packaging


the 100% recyclable banding solution

Replace plastic bags and large packs with our luxurious, slim multi-layer bandinglabel. Enjoy plenty of space for your message without unnecessary waste. Complete your sustainability drive with 100% eco-friendly material. Eco-friendly can be that beautiful.

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