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Breathe new life into your products using Optimum Group™’s Washable Labels.

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Make your product readily recyclable using Washable Labels. As the labels are easy to remove from the packaging, reuse of your products becomes almost effortless. Despite being washable, the labels nevertheless firmly adhere in place when wet. Our studio can create a unique and durable label, fully suited to your product.


Washable Labels

  • Suitable for any sector
  • Delivered at lightning speed
  • Withstands damp conditions
  • For both small and large orders
  • Custom-made in any colour and dimensions
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Washable labels: Sustainability at its Best

Easy Recycling with Washable Labels

Make your product easily recyclable with our Washable Labels. Because the labels can be effortlessly removed from the packaging, reusing your products becomes almost a matter of course. Despite their washability, these labels remain firmly in place even when wet.

Our studio can design a unique and durable label that perfectly suits your product. With Washable Labels, you contribute to a more sustainable future and make recycling an easy step in your product cycle. Opt for this innovative solution and make your products more eco-friendly and user-friendly.

Make the move to sustainability and enhance your products with Washable Labels!

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