In a market segment that is all about appearance and care, one simply cannot afford to apply inconspicuous packaging and labels. We are the market leader in flexible packaging solutions and labels. We therefore seek an appropriate and eco-friendly working approach in response to any change. And in this regard, we know better than anyone what is important in this sector.

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In the cosmetics industry, labels are important for the image of a brand. A high-quality label is therefore indispensable on the packaging for mascara or powder. It exudes a sense of luxury and care. In opting for our green packaging, you also respond to the call from consumers to produce in an environmentally conscious manner. Optimum Group™ provides the total concept. Our experts brainstorm with you about innovative and sustainable solutions, then test to ensure your packaging solution is suitable.

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Lack of space is a common challenge in the cosmetics industry. A wealth of information has to be crammed into a small area, often in various languages and with warning texts, including shelf life details. Multilayer Labels are ideal for this purpose. They enable you to comply with the applicable legislation and regulations, while also retain the attractive appearance of the product. You can also pay heed to the environment into account with our sustainable options, such as organic paper and eco-friendly ink.

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The demand for sustainable products is becoming increasingly urgent in the cosmetics industry. Green make-up products are making their mark. Optimum Group™ is a front runner when it comes to sustainable packaging and labelling. We would be pleased to advise you on the matter of sustainable solutions. Think in terms of material reduction during the production process or eco-friendly labels. 

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