Supermarket shelves full of bottles and cans of soft drinks, wine and beer. And there is also the option of going to specialist drinks shops. Given the vast range of choices available in the beverage industry, it is an absolute must to stand out. Optimum Group™ is both an expert and the market leader in flexible packaging solutions and labels.

Solutions for the Beverage industry

The secret of good marketing lies in the packaging and labels. Optimum Group™ understands this like no other. Discuss the possibilities for innovative solutions with us. Get noticed with a personalised label. Or opt for a label that can be conveniently washed off. We swiftly provide a high service level from various production sites.

To really stand out, go for custom-made. Opt for Wash-off Labels with CleanFlake, or a Shrink sleeve whose entire surface can be printed. Perfect for promoting your products.

Placing an emphasis on sustainability is a good way to stand out with your products. After all, consumers increasingly endeavour to reduce their carbon footprint. Opting for eco-friendly packaging, such as Wash-off Labels or organic paper, enables you to cater to this trend. You can therefore supply top quality efficient packaging, which also meets sustainability objectives.

The transportation and storage of drinks bottles take place in a vast range of conditions. We nevertheless have the right labels and packaging solutions for your process. Our printing specialists carry out the appropriate techniques for any circumstances. Whether it is aluminium, glass or cardboard, cylindrical or rectangular: Opting for Optimum Group™ assures you of a high-quality solution.

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