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Make every product unique with Optimum Group™'s printed labels.

Ideal for your product

Our printed labels are suitable for various products in transport, cosmetics, health care, chemicals, pet food and flora. We produce self-adhesive labels on rolls in any quantity, quality, shape and size. To meet all your requirements, we print on any material. Within Optimum Group, we have various printing techniques at our disposal, so we can print small runs of labels for you, but we can also produce large runs of labels. We do this by using UV flexo rotation printing and digital printing, among other methods.

At Optimum Group, we understand the crucial role labels play in the transport sector. Our printed labels are tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of your transport company. From cargo identification to warning labels, we offer high-quality printed labels that meet the highest standards. Get your printed labels printed with us and optimise your transport processes today.

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Beauty starts with presentation, and our printed labels take the look of your cosmetic products to the next level. With eye-catching designs and high-quality printing options, our printed labels make your products shine on the shelves. Choose printed labels from Optimum Group to grab your customers' attention and make your brand shine.

Personalise your cosmetics with our printed labels.

In healthcare, precision is paramount, and our printed labels meet the highest standards for quality and reliability. From medicine packaging to patient identification, our printed labels contribute to a safe and efficient healthcare environment. Rely on Optimum Group for printed labels that improve the health of your patients and the efficiency of your processes.

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In the chemical industry, safety and regulatory compliance are paramount. Our printed labels are designed to meet these requirements. With advanced printing technologies, we produce printed labels that are resistant to chemical exposure and abrasion. Make your chemical products stand out with printed labels from Optimum Group.

Protect your chemical products with our printed labels.

The food industry is all about taste and trust. Our printed labels not only offer an attractive presentation, but also guarantee the safety and quality of your (animal) food. Choose printed labels from Optimum Group to enhance your customers' dining experience and gain their trust.

Make your food products even tastier with our printed labels.

The beauty of flora deserves an appropriate presentation. Our printed labels add a touch of colour and information to your flowers and plants. With attention to detail and durability, our printed labels make your flora stand out in garden centres and flower shops. Let your flowers and plants shine with printed labels from Optimum Group.

Give your flora the attention they deserve with our printed labels.


Digitally printed Labels

  • Numerous choices of material, format, adhesive and imprint
  • Choice of a highly extensive colour palette
  • Suitable for small and middle print runs alike
  • Labels produced using the latest techniques on our HP Indigo machines
  • Custom-made labels for your company
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Digital printing

in any size

Digital printing is possible on any material of your choice. Choose, for example, from thermal direct paper, plastic, coat, PP, PE or polyester. We have the right type of glue for all the different materials. Our offer includes; removable, freezer, extra permanent, super permanent or simply permanent. Depending on the application and your product, we will work with you to find the most suitable solution. Let us advise you and together we will provide the best label!

Digitally printed labels

in small runs

Digital printing is ideal for short-run printing, barcode printing or variable printing. When print runs become too large, we recommend having your labels or other packaging printed by flexo printing. The quality rivals that of digital printing. Optimum Group has the right solution for every situation. Would you like to assess our quality? Then request a few samples and test our product. This way, you will experience our high quality for yourself after which you will have the opportunity to request a non-binding offer.

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