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Market-conforming prices, high delivery reliability, maximum brand perception or minimal environmental impact. Whatever you're looking for in a label or flexible packaging solution, Optimum Group™ delivers. On time, within budget and as agreed.

The reliable partner you can always count on

We are the reliable partner you can always count on. Optimum Group™ is an expert in flexible packaging solutions and labels. But also in design and development, supply chain management and efficient processing in the production environment.

Our Mission

Our Mission

In the end, we make the difference

The mission of Optimum Group™ is to deliver labels and flexible packaging solutions that help our customers build their brands through a broad portfolio, best-in-class delivery reliability and highly engaged people.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Sustainable innovations

Our vision for the future is to be a market leader of labels and flexible packaging products for the Northern European market providing value to our stakeholders through innovative and sustainable products.

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Our concept

Discover our plans, be inspired and work with us to make the world a better place. In all our decisions we seek a balance between people, the planet and profit, and are frontrunners in the march towards a better environment.


delivery reliability

Optimum Group™ is a leading supplier of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging solutions. With locations throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark, we are always close by. So we guard the continuity of delivery. With Optimum Group™ as your partner, your production will always go ahead. At the very end of the production process, we make the difference. Through your regular contact person, you are connected to 100 years of experience and over 1000 enthusiastic employees.

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Leading in


Optimum Group™ leads the way in recycling, material reduction, sustainable sourcing and circularity. The environmental requirements of customers, governments and society are becoming increasingly stringent. There is only a future for companies that also have an eye for the future. We continue to innovate. In this way, we contribute to a smaller carbon footprint of the packaging industry and help you to meet the current environmental requirements. An eye to the future and an eye to your business today. We support you in working as smartly and efficiently as possible.

CSR policy

We pack

your message

At the end of the production line, we make the difference. More than a product, we package a message. A better world, pure taste sensation and maximum convenience. Whatever your story is. Tell it with an Optimum Group™ label or flexible packaging solution.

Our solutions

Grown into a leader

in the packaging industry

Optimum Group™ has established its name in the packaging industry with specialised sites throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. Each site has its own specialisation, production facility and team. However, always as part of the whole Optimum Group™.

January 1995

Etiket Nederland established

February 2014

Mentha Capital majority shareholder

February 2015

Addition of Vila Etiketten

January 2016

Addition of Specialist printing company Max Aarts

May 2016

Addition of W&R Etiketten

September 2016

Introduction of Optimum Group

June 2017

Addition of EPB

January 2018

IK Invest majority shareholder

March 2018

Addition of ASQ

March 2019

Addition of Belona

June 2019

Addition of Megaflex

June 2020

Addition of Telrol

June 2020

Addition of Kolibri Labels

July 2020

Addition of FlexoPrint AS

July 2020

Addition of HT Labelprint

August 2020

Addition of SC Etiketten

January 2021

EPB and ASQ continue as Optimum Group Wellen

May 2021

Addition of Labelsupply AS

June 2021

Addition of Scanket AS

June 2021

Addition of Odense Seglmærke AS

September 2021

Addition of Etiflex AS

December 2021

Addition of Etiket Schiller

May 2022

Addition of Optikett

June 2022

Addition of Labelco

April 2023

Addition of HP-ETIKETT

May 2023

Telrol changes name to Opti-Label



Our daily work in pictures

The Optimum Group™'s specialised printing companies meet the high demands that the market places on its supply partners. Flexible, reliable and fully engaged in the future of labels and flexible packaging solutions.

Industry leader

in sustainability

Optimum Group™ focuses on reducing its environmental impact. As one of the largest producers of packaging materials, we also have a duty to strive for minimum environmental impact. By reducing waste and CO2 emissions, for example. With our vision on sustainability, Optimum Group™ has grown in 10 years to become a leader in the industry.

our sustainable solutions


Optimum Group™ is BRC-FSC®-, ISO-, EcoVadis, DPG- and ISCC+ certified and we wear these labels with pride. For us, it is important to meet the highest quality standards in terms of food safety, people & environment.

19 production sites

established in 4 countries

Optimum Group™ is a international group of specialized printing companies that collectively offer a total package of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging solutions. The sites of Optimum Group™ combine their know-how and serve as a model in the field of sustainability.

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