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Infinite possibilities

Segment-specific customisation

Optimum Group™ Max. Aarts supplies 100% recyclable packaging solutions for the fruit and vegetable packaging of Starpack, the packaging company of Group A. De Witte.

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Optimum Group™ Belona has offered Ravenwood Linerless Labels as a sustainable packaging solution for the skin packaging of the "Natuurvlees" products from Slagerij Kaldenberg.

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Smaakje, supplier of various types of coffee syrups with a distinct Dutch flavour, wants to be unique with its typically Dutch syrups, which are also delicious to combine in tea, cocktails, cakes, smoothies & milkshakes.

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Jac van den Oord Potatoes, supplier of a diverse range of potatoes for the Dutch and international markets, wants to encourage consumers to get everything out of the potato.

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Den Berk Délice, a Belgian grower of flavour tomatoes, has taken a new step in its transition from plastic to cardboard packaging.

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Solutions for all segments

Sustainable printing and green materials

Print more labels, on a less bulky roll or linerless. We use eco-friendly inks and thinner base materials to produce our sustainable labels.

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Optimum Group™’s printing techniques

Optimum Group™ provides the perfect printing technology for your needs. We jointly agree what they comprise.

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Supply security starts with availability

Optimum Group™ supplies labels and packaging material. A minor part of your product or service perhaps, but a fundamental link in the production chain.

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Optimum Group™ is totally committed

Each market segment faces its own challenges. As a partner, we always think along with our customers in terms of solutions, while also carrying out extensive testing.

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