Optimum Greenliner Recycling Programme. Achieve your sustainability goals, reduce waste costs and contribute to carbon footprint reduction through the Optimum Greenliner Recycling Programme.

Sustainable printing and green materials

Sustainability is important to Optimum Group: "It is part of our responsibility and an indispensable aspect of our business operations. Sustainability is part of our CSR policy and is reflected in various business activities. From this sustainability idea, the Optimum Group Liner Recycling Programme, called Greenliner, was born. We would like to help our customers recycle the backing material, from the labels, that we supply."

Choose a greener approach

with our liner recycling programme


  • Reduction of carbon footprint
  • Reduction of waste costs
  • Easy to set up
  • Contribution to achieving your sustainability goals
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Greenliner pallet box

Easy to set up

By having the backing material recycled, your company can achieve a CO2 reduction of 1.52 tonnes per 1,000kg and you will reduce your company's waste costs, as we will come and pick up the backing material and therefore you will not have to dispose of it.

cooperate with us

Work with us

towards a sustainable planet

To run the sustainability process in the best possible way, Optimum Group cooperates with Cycle4Green (Finland) and Lenzing paper (Austria). Cycle4Green specialises in the production of recycled backing material. Lenzing paper in turn processes the backing material deposited in Greenboxes into new paper materials.

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