Customers increasingly insist on sustainable printing. They want to reuse their glass jars, for example, but the labels will not come off. Optimum Group™ both prints sustainably and applies green materials for all industries. For example, in the form of material reduction and Wash-off Labels.

Sustainable printing and green materials

Print more labels, on a less bulky roll or linerless. We use eco-friendly inks and thinner base materials to produce our sustainable labels. Make the switch yourself, and reap the benefits of more labels on a roll, fewer roll changes and 25% less waste. Optimum Group™ can assist in rendering any sector more sustainable.

Choose a greener approach

with our Optimum Green products

We make a permanent contribution to sustainable enterprise with our products. Explore our growing assortment of sustainable packaging and labeling solutions. You will always find a solution that is consistent with your CSR policy among the products in our Optimum Green portfolio. Together we strive for a sustainable future in a structural and sustainable manner.

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From a lone voice crying in the wilderness

to innovation leader

Discover our plans, be inspired and work with us to make the world a better place. In all our decisions we seek a balance between people, the planet and profit, and are frontrunners in the march towards a better environment.

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Focus on the planet,

people and profit

We have been market leader for years with our CSR policy and the development of sustainable products. Together with you we will make sure sustainability gains momentum. We demonstrate our social commitment at the local, regional and national level. Locally we sponsor charities, such as a sponsored run for Duchenne syndrome. At the national level we sponsor Staatsbosbeheer via Club Groeneveld, a network of pioneering leaders of large organisations.