We are certified to print DPG-PFAND marking on Self-Adhesive Labels.  


Several Optimum Group™ sites are certified to print special deposit markings (DPG) for Deutsche Pfandsystem GMBH. This means that the product is subject to a deposit and can thus be recognised by the deposit machines. For this reason, printing with this special deposit ink may only be carried out by authorised label manufacturers.


as manufacturer

The legal marking of deposit products consists of DPG marking in the DPG colour and the barcode with the Global Trade Items Number (GTIN). Before your company can order labels with a deposit logo, you must register with the DPG Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH as a manufacturer and apply for a Global Location Number, abbreviated to GLN. After registration, you can order deposit labels (with corresponding GTIN) from us.

Every beverage producer/distributor must be registered with the Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH (DPG) in order to order deposit labels.

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  1. The size of the DPG-Pfand logo is legally set at 14 x 16 mm. This size is provided with a "quiet zone". Excluded from the quiet zone are (of ink placement only) the dimensions 10 x 13 mm.
    *We recommend that you actually keep the 2 mm distance from the sides of the DPG-Pfand logo.
  2. The background of the paper or foil must be white.
  3. Only one DPG marking and one EAN code are permitted per product.
  4. The DPG marking is fixed and must be placed above the barcode.
  5. The product packaging must be cylindrical. The deposit dispensers of supermarkets etc. are set for cylindrical packaging. The DPG marking should not be placed over edges, grooves or other irregularities.
  6. The product packaging must have a diameter of between 50mm and 120mm (where the DPG mark and EAN code must be placed).
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