Shrink sleeves

A second skin that fits your product like a glove.

These are our Shrink sleeves

A second skin that seamlessly envelops your product. A striking coating that truly catches people’s eye on the shelves. Shrink sleeves offer an infinite range of possibilities. This packaging solution completely envelops your product in a full body sleeve. Or partially, in the form of a half body sleeve that leaves space to display the contents.

Multiply the numerous benefits by adding a multipack shrink sleeve or tamper evident band. The former is highly suitable for combining two products. While the latter offers consumers the guarantee of an unopened product.


Ample space for product information, your round, angular or oval product printed in 360 degrees, an eye-catcher: The sleeve has it all. Optimum Group™ goes above and beyond in addressing your needs, while thinking along with you from the design to images and text that fit perfectly on the packaging. 

  • Suitable for any shape.
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Easy to open, thanks to the perforated strip
  • Four different types of shrink sleeve
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Sustainability in Labelling

Innovative Solutions for CPET Shrink sleeves

Our Wash-off inks & coatings have been specially developed for CPET shrink sleeves applied to PET bottles. With Evolution Primer, we introduce a de-inking primer for shrink sleeves, making it possible to recycle the material along with the bottle itself.

Evolution Varnish ensures that the ink remains on the label throughout the recycling process. This innovative duo of primer and varnish contributes to sustainable labelling, allowing materials to be reused and reinforcing our commitment to eco-friendly solutions. Choose these innovations and contribute to a greener future for the packaging industry.

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