Multilayer Labels

Optimum Group™’s Multilayer Labels offer ample space for your product information.  

Our Multilayer Labels

Choose dual layer labels that enable you to fill three sides with information. Trio labels offer five printable surfaces. Peel & reseal labels can be detached and directly reapplied to the package, thus retaining the label’s integrity. A special competition offer with conditions and a unique code looks best on a coupon label. Removable piggyback labels enable one to simply peel off the promotional section, leaving the original label intact. 

Multilayer labels

To suit your product

  • Print up to 10 colours in a single run
  • Applicable to a wide range of materials
  • In any format required
  • Numerous imprint, ink and adhesive options
  • Adheres to flat and curved surfaces
Opt for a multilayer label

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Compostable Labels

Compostable Labels provide incontrovertible proof that your organisation is committed to the environment. Contribute to reducing the waste stream by using our Biodegradable Labels.

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Banding Labels

360-degree printing around your product. This ensures that the Banding Label steal the show on any shelf. 

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Multilayer Labels

Multilingual product information, safety signs, a special discount offer or an extensive list of ingredients: There are countless reasons to opt for Multilayer Labels. 

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