Retail & E-Commerce

Optimum Group™’s flexible and eco-friendly packaging solutions and labels let you stand among rival products in the field of Retail & E-commerce. Engage our services. We think along about creative ways of manufacturing your labels and packaging and rendering them more sustainable, while maintaining continuity and flexibility throughout the fulfilment process.

Solutions for Retail & E-Commerce

The most diverse goods pass through your premises daily. And you are keen to dispatch them with the greatest of ease. Each bearing its own label. We at Optimum Group™ apply the ideal printing techniques at the most price-quality ratio. We can carry out flexo printing, foil printing, thermal transfer and digital printing. Various types of finishing too; with a perforation, for example, enabling the convenient removal of part of the label.

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Predicting how many consumers will buy that particular dress in the shops. Or order a certain product online. You simply can’t forecast such things that accurately. Choose Optimum Group™ as your partner. We provide a high service level from various production sites. We effortlessly meet stock agreements and respond flexibly to stock fluctuations.

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Consumers set great store by sustainability nowadays. While keen to order a great deal and quickly, they also want to reduce their ecological footprint. Choosing our eco-friendly packaging options enables you to respond to these requirements. Think compostable, biodegradable labels, for instance. Other options include linerless or ‘thinner’ RAF NXT labels: More labels fit on a roll, while you also reduce waste. Optimum Group™ supplies functional, eco-friendly packaging solutions to meet customers’ sustainability needs. 

Optimum Group™ continues to innovate and expand. With the largest production capacity in the Benelux, we can anticipate future market requirements. We respond to the demand for sustainability and smarter innovations with our packaging solutions and labels. With a consistent eye on the future, we continue to lead the way. Moreover, we respond to the needs of retail and ecommerce.

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