Food & Feed

As market leader, we specialise in food-safe and organic solutions that stand out on retail shelves. The supermarket is the ultimate opportunity to approach your customers. Brand familiarity is vital in this regard. We can take care of that, using our Linerless Labels, Shrink sleeves and films for example. Besides ensuring that ingredients are listed entirely in accordance with the BRC guidelines, we vouch for sustainable and flexible packaging. This includes the use of eco-friendly ink and organic paper.

Solutions for Food & Feed

We provide the highest service level for your processes from various production sites. Our fast delivery times and perfect stock management invariably assure you of the timely provision of high-quality solutions. This makes us a reliable partner.

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The market increasingly calls for sustainable packaging solutions. Optimum Group™’s portfolio of sustainable products addresses all such requirements. For example, you have the option of Ravenwood Linerless Labels. These are ideal in achieving the right look on your label. We also have recyclable materials options, however, such as paper banding. Furthermore, we possess several certificates that testify to the sustainable design of Optimum Group™’s business processes.

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