As a one-stop shop, Optimum Group™ serves the industrial sector by providing various sustainable solutions. We cater to large stock requirements; high quality implies that information remains legible for considerable time. Launch your own worry-free, green production process: Opt for the right labels.

Solutions for Industry

Machinery, equipment and technical components are manufactured under the most extreme conditions. The following nevertheless remains applicable in all circumstances: The products have to retain their quality and heat-resistant properties during final assembly, while the information they bear stays clearly legible. Optimum Group™’s high-quality printing vouches for this. With a view to safeguarding the continuity of the production process, Optimum Group™’s solutions are perfectly tailored to the particular machinery in your business environment.

A label with a barcode on a cardboard box calls for different technology than a full sleeve packaging for cleaning products. In that case, we use shrink sleeves that can be printed in 360 degrees and bear all the information about your product. Thanks to our experts, who test new materials, Optimum Group™’s packaging solutions meet the applicable requirements. Reducing the environmental burden is one of our core objectives. Our packaging, such as recycled and washable labels, is therefore eco-friendly and sustainable. This implies that you can care for the environment, while also complying with legislation and regulations concerning product packaging and identification.

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Even in the industrial sector, where stock requirements are readily predictable, you sometimes get surprises. Spontaneous changes call for decisiveness and flexibility. Optimum Group™ operates from various production sites. This implies that we can switch instantly and are always in close touch when it comes to complex market requirements.

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