Are you looking for a packaging solution that is easy to personalise and increases the chances of catching your product off the shelf? Then Doypacks are the packaging solution for your product! 


Doypacks, also known as stand-up pouches or pouches are durable flexible packaging solutions that perfectly suit your product, whatever segment you operate in. The possibilities are endless. Doypacks can contain extra features that add value to your product. Examples of features are: a round corner and tear notch at the top, a window, a resealable strip and an EVOH barrier. 

The function of an EVOH barrier is to reduce oxygen permeability. This allows Doypacks to block oxygen, moisture and other environmental factors that are bad for your product. This is particularly important for products that are prone to oxidation or spoilage, such as food and medicines. The EVOH barrier gives your product the protection it needs.

Material thickness

as a sustainability aspect

To reduce the carbon footprint, we can determine the right thickness and material structure for your Doypack based on content and weight of the packaging. When choosing a material thickness, it is important to consider the environmental factors your product will be exposed to. We will gladly help you determine the right material thickness, so you can be sure that your product gets the protection it deserves. Together, we work structurally towards a sustainable future.

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100% recyclable

Depending on the composition of materials, we can produce a 100% recyclable Doypack. This allows consumers to easily recycle your packaging and together we contribute to our planet. Our packaging specialists will gladly support you in making the right material composition for your product. Let us advise you.

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of our Doypacks

  • Standing like a house thanks to sealed base
  • From small runs (1000 run metres)
  • Luxurious appearance
  • 100% recyclable
  • Supplied on a roll
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Bang off the shelves

Are you looking for a packaging solution that is easy to personalise and increases the chances of catching your product off the shelf? Then Doypacks are the packaging solution for your product! Our Doypacks are made of 100% recycled PET material, sustainable bio PET and FSC certified paper. A sustainability boost for your products and a positive contribution to mother nature, win-win!

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Discover a wealth of applications

Pouches for all segments

The versatile features of our innovative stand-up pouches excel in every industry. From protecting your goods and sustainability factors to preserving full aroma and reliable moisture protection, these pouches offer the perfect sustainable solution for any packaging requirement.

Food Packaging
  • Present food of all kinds safely and attractively in a variety of sizes and custom made designs.
Packaging for sweets
  • Reusable and resource-efficient with sweet designs – the optimal packaging for every treat.
Pet food Packaging
  • For man’s best friend, only the best: With our resealable bags, you can safely and dryly store food for animals.
Coffee Packaging
  • Equipped with aroma protection and pressure relief valve, keeping coffee products fresh for longer.
Tea Packaging
  • High-quality tea blends are air-tight packaged, retaining their aroma and avoiding absorption of foreign odors
Packaging for Spices
  • Spice up your life: Keep spice blends and dry herbs fresh, preserving their wonderful flavours.
Cosmetic Packaging
  • Pack your cosmetic and beauty products sustainably and protect them excellently with barrier properties.
Accessory Packaging
  • Endless possibilities await to showcase your product in a exiting creative and individual way.
Packaging for bits & pieces
  • Save ample storage space for small parts like screws, eyelets, or electrical components with this sustainable solution.
Supplement Packaging
  • Food supplements require a specific protection against external influences such as UV radiation or moisture.

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