Optimum Group™

Innovative and eco-friendly packaging solutions

Optimum Group™ thinks along with you. In response to your request, we come up with innovative and sustainable solutions for your packaging. We respond flexibly to meet your needs. We switch quickly, always deliver and take care of storage. You can count on Optimum Group™. 


Optimum Group™ supplies a wide range of products in durable labels and flexible packaging solutions.

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Optimum Group™ both prints sustainably and applies green materials for all segments.

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Success stories

Countless possibilities.

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market conform costs

Market-based prices

High delivery reliability

High delivery reliability

Maximum Brand Perception

Maximum brand perception

Minimal environmental impact

Minimal environ­mental impact

Most viewed products

Compostable Labels

Compostable Labels provide incontrovertible proof that your organisation is committed to the environment. Contribute to reducing the waste stream by using our Biodegradable Labels.

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Banding Labels

360-degree printing around your product. This ensures that the Banding Label steal the show on any shelf. 

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Multilayer Labels

Multilingual product information, safety signs, a special discount offer or an extensive list of ingredients: There are countless reasons to opt for Multilayer Labels. 

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Solutions for all segments

Sustainable printing and green materials

Print more labels, on a less bulky roll or linerless. We use eco-friendly inks and thinner base materials to produce our sustainable labels.

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Optimum Group™’s printing techniques

Optimum Group™ provides the perfect printing technology for your needs. We jointly agree what they comprise.

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Supply security starts with availability

Optimum Group™ supplies labels and packaging material. A minor part of your product or service perhaps, but a fundamental link in the production chain.

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Optimum Group™ is totally committed

Each market segment faces its own challenges. As a partner, we always think along with our customers in terms of solutions, while also carrying out extensive testing.

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Sustainably manufactured

The demand for sustainable manufacturing is increasing. Consumers are keen to recycle or reuse their packaging more conveniently. Legislation and regulations are changing, while the market calls for reduced waste in the future. Optimum Group™ has assumed a pioneering role in providing sustainable solutions, such as removable labels with soluble adhesive or a perforated strip.

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Stand out with your product

Find Optimum Group™ in numerous segments

A more sustainable approach to your packaging and labels, offering flexible total solutions and an optimal appearance for your products: Optimum Group™ supplies it all to various sectors. Logistics stays on the move with the right labels. Distribution delivers right to the front door, thanks to the appropriate label. Sustainability remains key throughout the process. Think in terms of the use of labels made from recycled materials, sustainable paper and eco-friendly ink. Consumers select your products from the shelves, thanks to our eye-catching packaging.


Optimum Group™ is BRC-FSC®-, ISO-, EcoVadis, DPG- and ISCC+ certified and we wear these labels with pride. For us, it is important to meet the highest quality standards in terms of food safety, people & environment.

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