Banding Labels

Optimum Group™ Max Aarts supplies 100% recyclable packaging solutions for the fruit and vegetable packaging of Starpack, the packaging company of Group A. De Witte.

Group A. De Witte

Group A. De Witte is an international wholesale organisation in fruit, vegetables and exotics which has grown into a leading player in the European fruit market.

Packaging issue

Sustainability was the guiding principle for fruit wholesaler Group A. De Witte. In order to meet the demand from supermarkets for more environmentally friendly fruit packaging, Group A. De Witte was looking for a fully paper-based packaging solution for the cardboard packaging of its products.

Optimum Group™ Max. Aarts proposed the paper band as a 100% recyclable packaging solution for the cardboard packaging of Group A. De Witte.

"The new packaging can be used for many different products. We have already received many positive reactions from our customers and definitely see a future for this sustainable way of packaging."

Alexander van Orsheagen, Marketing Communication Manager of Group A. De Witte

Approach Optimum Group™ Max Aarts

Based on the product packaging of Group A. De Witte, the studio department of Optimum Group Max Aarts studio department produced a technical drawing. After the required artwork was supplied, Optimum Group Max Aarts produced a proof and finalised the designs. Finally, Optimum Group Max Aarts started the production of the banding.

End result

By applying the paper banding to the cardboard packaging, an ecological and chic packaging solution was chosen. The entire packaging can be disposed of as wastepaper after use. Moreover, all essential product information is printed on the band. This eliminates the need for a label and results in less packaging waste during the processing procedure. Together with Group A. De Witte, we contribute structurally to a sustainable future.

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