Ravenwood Linerless Labels for your packaging

Using a Ravenwood label as a lid for your fruit and vegetable packaging? It can be done! At Optimum Group, we produce a packaging solution that is more sustainable than today's fruit and vegetable packaging: the Linerless Fruit Lid. The Linerless Fruit Lid Ravenwood label is the perfect packaging to create recognition on the shelf and results in a handy packaging with a luxurious appearance that is also very sustainable.

Den Berk Délice and Optimum Group

Den Berk Délice, a Belgian grower of flavour tomatoes, has taken a new step in its transition from plastic to cardboard packaging. After the successful project with Ravenwood labels at colleague Tomeco, Den Berk Délice was inspired to also choose Optimum Group's Ravenwood packaging solution for its Miss Perfect tomatoes. Just like Tomeco, Den Berk Delice purchased a Ravenwood machine so it could package the tomatoes fully automatically with the linerless Fruit Lid Ravenwood labels.

Packaging issue

Den Berk Delice's packaging problem was that they were looking for a mono-packaging with space to communicate to the consumer in which the product (the Miss Perfect flavour tomato) would remain sufficiently visible. In addition, the packaging had to be machine-turnable. Optimum Group's Linerless Fruit Lid Ravenwood labels are the appropriate solution for this packaging issue.

Optimum Group™ approach

Optimum Group has recommended the Linerless Fruit Lid Ravenwood as a sustainable packaging solution for the Miss Perfect tomatoes from Den Berk Délice. The Ravenwood labels were chosen because they can be applied to the cardboard packaging of Den Berk Délice tomatoes at a speed of between 50 and 70 labels per minute. The Linerless Fruit Lid Ravenwood labels contain, as the word "Linerless" already describes, no liner or backing paper, which means that you can apply up to 40% more labels per roll and create considerably less waste during the production process, because even the punch waste is recyclable.

End result

By choosing Optimum Group's Linerless Fruit Lid Ravenwood labels as a packaging solution for Den Berk Délice's Miss Perfect tomatoes, a sustainable, attractive and chic information carrier has been chosen that is also quick to apply. Moreover, Optimum Group's Ravenwood packaging solution contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions, as it reduces transport, labour and storage costs.

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