Banding Labels

Pack items in a smart and eye-catching manner by opting for a Banding Label.

Our Banding Label

360-degree printing around your product. This ensures that the Banding Label steal the show on any shelf. Furthermore, the option of double-sided printing implies that it offers ample space for all product information. The resulting cost and material savings yield benefits for both your finances and the environment.

Why a Banding Label?

An example of a product with a Banding Label? A pizza on the fresh food shelf in a supermarket. The major advantage: The banding does not cover the whole pizza. The product therefore stands out on the shelf, while also enabling supermarket customers to clearly see the pizza.

  • Choice of various material types and dimensions
  • Product information that would normally occupy several labels can be amply accommodated on the banding
  • Printable on both sides
  • The banding also serves as a smart form of protection from opening
Smarter packaging


the 100% recyclable banding solution

ECO-BAND®, the sustainable banding solution (paper content 98%) that features an innovative seal called ECO-SEAL® (Adhesive exclude from EU Single Use Plastic Ban) which is compliant with EU legislative framework. Your customer can throw the ECO-BAND® in the waste paper without thinking about it!

  • Compliant with EU legislative framework (Directive (EU) 2019/904" Recital 11)
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Food-safe (BRC Grade AA) 
  • Lower processing temperature (energy saving)
  • Virgin paper (FSC®-certified)
  • Positioned- / continuous fitted with ECO.SEAL®
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360-degree printing around your product. This ensures that the Banding Label steal the show on any shelf. 

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