Ravenwood Linerless Labels

Optimum Group™ has recommended the Top & 2 Sides Ravenwood Labels as a sustainable packaging solution for the new carton packaging of Tomeco's tomatoes.

Tomeco and the Ravenwood Labels

Tomeco, a partnership of Belgian tomato growers, has taken a new step in the transition from plastic to cardboard packaging. With the purchase of a new machine, the group can package products in cardboard on a large scale.

Packaging issue

Tomeco's challenge was to provide their tomatoes with a sustainable packaging solution, made of cardboard, so that the packaging would no longer need to be sealed in plastic.  The biggest challenge in the search for Tomeco was sealing the packaging, as the products had to remain visible.

Optimum Group™ approach

Optimum Group™ proposed Top & 2 sides Ravenwood Labels as a sustainable packaging solution for Tomeco's cardboard packaging. The choice for Top & 2 sides Ravenwood Labels is based on the fact that these labels do not contain backing paper and can be applied to the cardboard packaging of the Tomeco tomatoes at a speed of between 50 and 70 labels per minute. The use of Top & 2 sides Ravenwood Labels also results in less waste during the entire production process, because even the punching waste is recyclable.

End result

The application of Ravenwood Labels on the cardboard packaging has resulted in a durable and chic information carrier for Tomeco's tomatoes that is also quick to apply. Moreover, the intensive contact between Optimum Group™ Belona and the machine supplier of Ravenwood Labels: GH Ulma from Belgium, has eliminated the customer's worries. As a result, Tomeco and Optimum Group™ achieved a great end result.

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