10. January 2022

Optimum Group™ is platinum partner United packaging forest

Packaging is necessary for a liveable world. Packaging makes it possible to transport products and to do this efficiently. It also reduces food waste. While packaging is necessary for a liveable world, we must also ensure that it does not end up in the environment and thus roam the globe forever. This is why Optimum Group™ has become a platinum partner of United Packaging Forest (UPF) with a contribution that will allow 240 trees to be planted.

About UPF
United Packaging Forest is an initiative that originated in the packaging world and fights illegal tree felling. Every year over ten billion trees disappear and the consequences are huge. Drought, climate change, food shortage, poverty and natural disasters are direct consequences of deforestation. In addition, people and animals cannot live without trees. They are needed to convert CO2 into oxygen and provide a habitat for animals. All partners of the UPF contribute to making our beautiful planet liveable.

Trees for all
The United Packaging Forest has entered into a partnership with Trees for All. Trees for All focuses not only on the tree, but also on people, the environment and the concept of added value. With Trees for All we pay simultaneous attention to the symbolic, recreational, ecological and social added value of trees and forests. Trees for All has been successfully tested by the independent supervisory body CBF and is the only foundation with a CBF-seal where you can offset CO2. Click here for more information on UPF and the 1-2-Tree programme.