01. May 2023

Opti-Label: the new name of your trusted labelling partner

Telrol, a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive labels, today announced that it will continue under the new name: Opti-label from 1 May 2023. This name change is the result of our desire to make a fresh start and focus on a new future. With Opti-label, we want to continue to focus on the quality and reliability you have come to expect from us. Opti-label is a price-fighter focused on putting our company back on the map. We have ambitious plans to offer our customers the best service, focusing on fast and reliable delivery and optimal quality. We are committed to efficient production with minimal downtime and continuous improvement. Moreover, our machinery and workplaces are always kept clean for a hygienic working environment.

With Opti-Label, the company wants to put itself back on the map by offering the best price, combined with good quality and maximum service. They can do this through an efficient organisation, in which quality, speed, reliability & flexibility are key. The best price is also achieved through efficient business processes, in which operational excellence & continuous improvement are central, with motivated employees at the heart of the organisation, who do their utmost to provide maximum service to internal and external customers. 

To maximise customer service and care, Opti-Label offers the following: quotations are handled within one day, customer queries answered within four hours, confirmed orders scheduled within 24 hours and production orders delivered within 5-7 working days. And there is always room for a rush order to help a customer in need.