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An innovative solution to highlight your product

The packaging revolution is here with Optimum Group™ banding label. It doesn't just wrap, it conveys the right message to your audience.

Packaging 100% personalizado
Tailor-made service for your company
Entrega rápida y segura garantizada
High delivery reliability
Líderes en sostenibilidad
Leaders in sustainability

The alternative to traditional packaging material

The customised girdle can be used on products. Do you already know all the benefits it brings?

Sustainable and recyclable material

Cost and material savings

360 degree printing

100% Customisable

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Why include banding in your business?

The banding Label has become a popular choice. Its versatility and strength make it suitable for various types of environmentally friendly products.

  1. Thanks to our banding labels, your products will be environmentally friendly, making use of recyclable and compostable packaging materials, as well as FSC® certified.
  2. We adapt to your products, thanks to our packaging solutions that do not cause damage or marks on your products.
  3. Enhance your brand image and increase your sales with a 100% customisable banding band - your packaging will not go unnoticed on any shelf!
  4. You decide what information you want to display on your personalised product band. Adjust the size of the band according to your needs and without limits.

Banding, the trend in the packaging of all kinds of products

Sustainable packaging material

The choice of packaging materials is a critical step. The banding band is versatile and sustainable, ideal for highlighting your brand without compromising the environment. It is a consumable that complies with current packaging regulations, such as the Waste Law that punishes the use of plastic.

100% customisable band

Is your brand going unnoticed? Is the packaging you currently use not adding value to your products? Thanks to our banding band, our multilayer packaging and other packaging solutions, you can have a customised packaging that is completely adapted to each of your products, whatever their size, without damaging them.

Why choose us as your packaging partner?

Together to offer you a complete and quality service.

Branding by Banding was born from the collaboration between Bandall, official distributors of Bandall banding machines, and Optimum Group™ Max Aarts, specialists in UV flexographic rotogravure printing. Thanks to this cooperation, we can offer you a complete packaging solution that allows you to stand out in the market.

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